Imperial Decline (split LP with AHNA)

by cetascean

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released February 4, 2014




cetascean Winnipeg, Manitoba

we live in winnipeg, occupied land. we don't know what we want and we don't know how to get it, but we want to destroy

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Track Name: Blockades
truth. justice.
the reign of the white man/ the story of progress/ it wrote its own history and claimed its own victory
it's lost control of its use/ we can use it for our own truths
inside the boxes inside the labels
inside the walls that they've used to divide
the powers of affinity and of identity
building strength from the inside
building blockades
they don't have words to understand/ the spread of a new world under the surface
we can communicate
difference is a weapon they cannot measure
the reign of the white man, the story of progress,stops
Track Name: Simian
tortured and enslaved
preyed upon in a cage
bars to the ceiling
we live without feeling
reaching with your hand
towards your ravaged kin
at birth this nightmare begins

we don't see.

you embrace the scalpel
in fluorescent light
the only contact of
your fucking life
under a blood stained ceiling
lost mind, labored breathing
a wired monkey screams
into a void of sound

we don't see.

an archaic idea held upright with ties
the darkness never comes
until the end of your life.
connection lost
at an ultimate cost
laboratories burning bodies
behind locked doors
a system built of death
cursed until my last breath
there is a price
for what is valued most
and it is paid by those without a voice
Track Name: Mouth of Teeth
our life of disease
tasted in this mouth of teeth
rotting tongue from swallowed lies
corporations breath, live, erect
new structures for us to ravage
lands turned to ash
intention marks their hands
blood the colour of tar
dripping upon this altar
hungry eyes gorge behind mouths of teeth
no future left
there is no future
we deserve this end
that is made in our own image
Track Name: Early Burial
pat on the back with a knife
history rewritten in stone
as dictated by its dealers
hear nothing see nothing
but speak louder than the crowd
no fucking quarter
no fucking shame
what is there to learn from yesterday
if today is spent paving over cracks
a genocide by any other name
tastes just as rotten
edify me between the blacked out paragraphs
frame my understanding just so
guilt ends, guilt begins
the hatchet is not ours to wield
the hatchet is not ours to bury
our arms hurt from carrying it